Monday, October 28, 2013

All Black

handmade belt

embroidered belt

all black outfit

sweater and belt

black sweater and belt

belt and sweater

handmade belt

Sweater: H&M; Belt: c/o Kusi Life; Leggings: TJ Maxx (old); Boots: Target (similar)

In TV and movies, aimless main characters struggling at their day job are always tasked: find out what you're good at and do that! And inevitably it always turns out that heck, yeah, they were good at catering and after some mysterious start up fees, their business is now being written about in Southern Living. Okay, this may be a plot line in Hart of Dixie but you get my drift.

If someone sat me down in my floral green dress and beaded cardigan and told me to brainstorm what I'm good at, it'd be shopping, whining, wine-ing, and sitting around in sweaters. Unfortunately it's not so marketable as catering in Bluebell, Alabama, and there would need to be a new magazine founded called Entitled 20-Somethings to feature me. We're dealing with a few problems here.

But back to that whining and sweaters bit - I love a good, heavy sweater. Add in a giant cowl neck and you can literally nest in it. This sweater is a personal favorite of mine as it verges on the edge of sweater-dress and knitted tent, but the all-black look slims it down a bit. I'm actually wearing it again today with a pencil skirt and tights for work. Perfectly versatile. And warm!

One of my greatest fears in large sweaters is totally losing my waist. When you're not pencil thin like a Marc Jacobs blurry-ad model, you can't afford to lose your thin assets and need to accent them somehow. I decided to go all-black with this look with a tight legging to emphasize that there was someone with shape inside my outfit and then donned this gorgeous hand-sewn belt care of Kusi Life to add some interest to the look. I love an easy belt and this one is floral, colorful, and really easy to add to any look. I also considered pairing it with an LBD as it feels like the perfect bright spot in a wintry week.

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  1. I love the floral belt!


  2. love the whole black outfit look, your boots are awesome! looking stunning dear <3

    Letters To Juliet

  3. I NEED that black sweater you are wearing girl! It's perfect!

  4. I hear ya! That's my fear with wearing sweaters too (though they are so comfortable). My solution is usually to wear miniskirts. But I love this idea that you brought out here! I never thought about wearing belts, but maybe I should ♥

    Fashion | Food | Travel

  5. Great combo! chic <3

  6. lovely belt!

  7. I'm really in to all neutral looks lately! Love the all black!

  8. so cute!! You look gorge in this outfit!

    xo, Nina

  9. That little touch of color with the belt is perfect.


  10. love this all black look with your belt as a pop of color! you look so classic and chic :)


  11. This belt is SO original! Just awesome you! xoxo


  12. Sounds like you and I are good at the same things :) Love this pop of color from the belt!

    xo Amy

  13. Love the pop of color from the belt, this is so pretty!

  14. The sweater is so flattering, really suites you! xx

  15. Your Hart of Dixie references made me laugh! And that bright colorful belt looks great against the rest of the black outfit!

  16. oh my gosh that floral belt is so unique and pretty! What a fab find!

    x Stephanie


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