Sunday, October 27, 2013

Perfect Saturdays

Jacket: The Limited; Chambray: Target (on sale!); Top: Forever 21 (in stores, similar here); Pants: Gap; Flats: Asos c/o Chippmunk (similar save, similar spend)

I'm not sure that there is anything better than a free Saturday. No due dates, no obligations, no one to see. Just a whole city laid out before me like a giant map to adventure. I wake up on days like this with a sense of possibility that makes the whole day feel alive and uninhibited. 

This Saturday I layered up to embrace the chilly fall morning and apparently wasn't bundled enough. By the time I got home my nose was running, my hands were frozen to my market basket, and we had to bundle up watching TV for a while just warm up. At the market, we picked up some local meads and hard ciders, sweet potatoes to satisfy Ben's cravings, and fresh pressed apple cider. 

After the market we crossed the river to visit ¿Por Que No?, an acclaimed taqueria that serves some delicious eats. We arrived right at brunch (brunch goes through til 3 p.m. at Portland), but luckily their regular lunch menu was open for orders too. I couldn't help but get a delicious and strong small margarita (they had an amazing line up of agua frescas like peach passion and canteloupe watermelon), and then we ordered from their $3 taco line-up. I picked chorizo and carnitas and was a bit disappointed by the level of spiciness, but Ben picked a pollo asado and a barbacoa (brisket taco) and they were to die for. Dripping with sauce and spice, they were definitely winners on the menu.

The best part of aimlessly exploring on Saturdays is that we are able to enjoy some spontaneity driving around town. On our way home, we passed this little urban winery (Enso) just as they opened and decided to stop in to try some red flights. We had a great time and enjoyed their reclaimed garage space and their delicious reds. My particular favorite was the Malbec and Ben loved the Zinfandel. Their generous taster pours also made it so that we could split a flight and still feel satisfied.

After Enso we headed home to catch up on TV shows and then headed back out again in the early evening to go tasting at a local cidery (Reverend Nat's) on the eastside, where Ben made me finish his giant flight so that we could drive safely home. You can imagine that by the time we finally got home from our day of tasting different local alcohols, I was in need of some water and a nap. 

Glass (of ice water) up to a great weekend! Hope you all enjoyed a lovely one as well.


  1. What great photographs! I love your outfit for the great Saturday that you had. The leather jacket and stripes look great on you!


  2. I had a lovely weekend too, curled up on my sofa with a pile of books and some hot apple cider. It was the loveliest one I've had in a while.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  3. what a perfect fall day. really love the basket/bag in our outfit.

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    1. my mom picked it up for me at a local market! i love it too!

  4. Autumn looks amazing! Don't you just love crunching your way through those leaves :)

    Lost in the Haze

  5. It always gets me whenever I see fallen leaves. They're so amazing, so as your look :))


  6. love your jacket..

  7. STOP eating such dang good looking food! I am so jealous of your foodie experiences and wine filled weekends!

  8. I loveeee weekends during which you have absolutely no obligations! So fun. Gosh, the colors of the leaves are breathtaking. We don't have that yet here. Looks like you had such a nice weekend! :)



  9. the foliage is beautiful! and love your layering :) x

    & Pretty Things


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