Friday, November 8, 2013

GroopDealz Finds + Target Giveaway

My family has always meant business about Christmas stockings, so much so that they're probably my favorite thing to open on Christmas morning. Our stockings are usually so heavy with goodies that they can't be hung with care... they need to lay on the ground spilling out all of their wrapped goodies. Usually my grandmother sends us a bunch of things she has collected over the year and they're comically hit or miss. She and my mom actually have a tradition of sending back and forth the same atrocious items (golf club salad servers, for one). And then sometimes they're awesome make-up samples, picture frames, or spendy soaps. My mom then fills our stockings with cute themed items. Last year it was all about the kitchen - napkin rings and salad dressing tools (olive oil, a recipe book, a dressing container) and toiletries that usually last me all year like mascara and lotions and loofahs. 

Ben's family has a totally different tradition - they fill their stockings with peanuts, an orange in the toe, and usually a bunch of snacks from the Asian market in town. They also always receive scratch its and the potential to win the lotto on Christmas morning. So far, no luck for us, but his brother has made $20 or so off the lotto tickets. Their stockings are decidedly less material and more snack-y, leaving us totally well rounded when we open gifts on Christmas morning. 

I start shopping for little things under $10 for the stocking early on in the season (now) and as I was putting together my GroopDealz steals of the week, it dawned on me that GroopDealz would be an awesome place to shop for little stocking trinkets. Look at the prices below! Crazy good bargains that would make stockings for the ladies in your life awesome to open. Keep on reading for a chance to win a gift card to the stocking stuffer's paradise, Target!

Not only does GroopDealz have these amazing prices on accessories and clothes, they're offering readers a $100 gift card to Target today! Please be sure to enter below because Christmas is upon us and I know you all will be filling stockings with great Target items!


  1. This is really an awesome ladies fashion,I had ever seen.I surely apply this idea for my daughter.

  2. Im just getting into groopdealz, such great things they have!!

    xo, Nina

  3. groopdealz is doing so well! love those items that you chose!

  4. Love GroopDealz! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    -Allie @ LunaVida

  5. Stockings are my FAVE part of Christmas morning!! My fam has always made them a big deal too:) My hubby's fam does the whole oranges and mixed nuts thing too~ too funny! I love learning about others holiday traditions~ so fun and thanks for sharing :)


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