Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ocean Blue

Ever since I lost my sapphire bracelet (it still makes me tear up), I have been lamenting the addition of pretty blue and white gems on my wrist. My white and blue sapphire tennis bracelet enhanced every single outfit proving that more than just diamonds go with everything in a woman's wardrobe. In my bloggers lament about my bracelet, I'm imagining some gorgeous outfits that could be made more gorgeous by a sparkly sapphire from Shane Co. around the neck or on the ears.

My first, and favorite, category of looks that gemstones go perfectly with is anything holiday-ready. Be it a bejeweled button down or a sparkly brocade holiday dress, sapphires compliment neutral color palettes (or anything with a hint of blue). Adding some dazzle to an already glitzy outfit just ups the wow factor in an already sparkly season. I'd stick with a simple heel if piling on the gems on the upper body - keep it balanced.

Untitled #17

My second outfit inspiration is casual. Literally. I used to wear my bracelet with the most benign of casual Friday outfits and because the majority of my wardrobe is blue and white, the bracelet just picked up the color and glimmered all the more. To pull of glitz for a simple outfit, make sure to be a bit dressier (no tennis shoes or flip flops, please) and add a smoking loafer that always has a bit of class. Additionally, I never layered jewelry with precious gems as they can be scratched or eroded if other jewelry rubs up against them. A single pendant necklace works perfectly.

Untitled #18

Finally, and actually the way I wear most of my gems, is to work. You walk a fine line at work with jewelry, as you can't always wear spiky statement bracelets or big examples of pave on the arm. To keep work, well, work-friendly, keep your accessorizing to simple earrings. With an earring, your gems are out of the way, not distracting, and generally safe from falling off (like my bracelet, wah!). I always like to pair sapphires with blue tones and grays, so the items below are a great palette to work with.

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  1. Love the flats in the second-to-last look!

    We're part of the Winter Wonderland giveaway with Ashley Brooke as well, and I just wanted to stop by to let you know we followed you on GFC, Twitter & Facebook!

    xo, K

  2. Gorgeous look! I love the Anthropologie dress!

  3. I just collaborated with Shane Co., too, and they have some INCREDIBLE jewelry! I loved all your pairings! New follower from the Winter Wonderland giveaway-- thank you for participating with us! Love your blog!

    Diary of a Debutante

  4. This first outfit is so freaking cute! I love that skirt!


  5. You're right, gemstones make every outfit better!


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