Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ups and Downs + a Giveaway

Blazer: H&M; Dress: Gap (similar); Tights: Emilio Cavallini; Flats: Nine West; Necklace: c/o Mujus

I don't think I can get away with saying I'm a happy person, because that probably connotes someone less neurotic and more bubbly, but I am not a sad or depressed personality type in any way. I get really excited for big changes, I like to constantly be in motion in my life, and I'm always looking forward. I usually don't get down on myself or on my life for more than an hour on a bad day.

It just so happens that I've hit a bit of a rough spell here in the past few weeks. I'm feeling pretty down and out, mired in a bunch of disappointments stacked on top of each other. I'm actually positively miserable these days. With nothing going right, the loss of our family dog, Ben and I were looking into moving into a new, renovated apartment unit (within our complex) with a garage, multiple floors, and more windows. It was giving me the positive push to keep on facing every day with something to look forward. We picked out a corner unit that was available and were just waiting on the go ahead from the apartment manager when we learned that it wasn't actually available. They'd highlighted the unit on the list of available spaces erroneously. It's actually an apartment used as an office for the contractor. All of the other available spaces are not as optimal - they're not corner units, they're sandwiched in darker spaces or busier streets in the complex. We got our hopes up for zilch.

Cue the hysterical tears this evening. I felt that the last thing I was clutching to to make the dark, cold days of this season seem bearable, just slipped away. We had already made plans for the garage space, I'd mentally decorated the apartment, I was downloading the address change form and going over my "things to do" list in my head.

I know that I need to just buck up, greet my favorite holidays (fast approaching) with a smiley face and know that there is an end to this tunnel - I just can't see it yet. We'll find another apartment unit that we love. We'll get the garage. We'll get the "wood" floors and granite counters. It'll happen. Things in my life outside of apartment hunting will get better too. Because that's the way life works.

To end this post on a happier, more hopeful note, I have an awesome giveaway for you today! You can win the Punta Negra necklace I'm wearing above from Mujus, a jewelry retailer based in New York. They specialize in making eco-conscious jewelry using high quality and sustainable products from Peru. Their mission is committed to giving back to the community and I can say for sure that their products are beautiful and high quality. Enter below! The giveaway will run for a week and is open to U.S. readers.

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  1. It's so hard to keep your head up with things don't go your way; I always try to remember how lucky I actually am or I go shopping... :)

    Hope things brighten up for you - if it helps, you look positively radiant in these photos. Red is a good color for you!

    xo, Nina

  2. I believe things will trend upwards for you shortly. You seem to be a very nice thoughtful person whom good things generally happen to. As for your fashion posts I've been wondering how tall you are? I wonder if you could give your dimensions and or sizes worn for scale. Your posts always look great.

    1. Hello! I am 5'10" and usually a size 4-6 depending on the retailer, a small in tops. My legs are long so I often wear a long jean when its a full leg jeans.

  3. Oh girl. I feel for you. I hope that things start to get better for you!

  4. ahh hope things get better. I've been facing some disappointments lately too and trying to think of a tactful way to blog about them. hope things turn around for you!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. I am so sorry. I hate when you get your hopes up to be let down. Just know that something better is probably around the corner. I know that is cliche to say, but from experience this has actually been true for me. :)

  6. Hoping things start getting better for you!!! If not, I know a couple bars with some killer cocktails. haha just sayin' :)

  7. Red is such a great color on you! And that necklace is gorgeous. Keep your head up, things will get better. ;)

  8. Hey !! Tnx 4 doin' this giveaway. It's awesome !!! <3 Hope 2 win .
    FB name : Domide Theodora
    Bloglovin' : Domide Theodora
    E-mail : k1do_o@yahoo.com

    Goood luck ladys :*

  9. That is really disappointing! Sometimes you just need that one thing to keep you going and then when that one thing is gone you have to find something else. Hope things turn around for you. Hopefully the holidays will cheer you up.

  10. Stay strong. Its only a mattet of time before you'll feel sunshine in your heart!

  11. Pretty outfit! I like how the necklace stands out against the bright dress!


  12. SO CHIC!!! I love your style!!! :) I have entered the giveaway :) Would loveeee to win! Thank you

  13. The holidays are close by and hopefully they will bring some cheer into your life. Hope you find an apartment you love soon.

  14. Oh girl.. so sorry it's been a rough few days.. that's the worst... I understand the feeling.. turn on some music and dance in your living room.. that always helps me.. well that and a little bubbly... :) Chin up..

  15. Sorry to hear..you will definitely find another apartment! I love the cute chevron print!

  16. I know what you mean when it just seems like you keep getting stacked with disappointment after disappointment, whenever that seems to happen to me I throw a girly night for myself. I take over my bedroom, watch a movie on my laptop, give myself a little facial, and everything might not be perfect afterwards but I usually feel more prepared to face things after taking sometime to regroup.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  17. I'm so sorry to hear you've been having a rough couple of weeks. Hopefully things will start turning around shortly! I've been going through a bit of a rough patch myself lately due to all the pressure I'm feeling to get my life figured out before I graduate. I'll have a good hour or day where I feel optimistic and excited about everything and then next thing I know I'll be anxious and stressed out again. I'm definitely looking forward to the holidays to relax and get things back into perspective.

  18. You look sooo chic! I really love your flats, and I've been going through a rough spell for the past few weeks as well. I've been getting back into blogging more as an escape though, and so far it's been working pretty well. I hope things get better soon!! xx


  19. When I'm feeling down, and it's easy to get caught in that net lately, I just remember that it's all a matter of perspective. Focus on the good things you have in life, and remember that we're all experiencing loss, some of us on a day to day basis. Remember, sometimes the current gets rough and all you can do is your best to go with the flow and paddle along.


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