Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gift Guide: Your Outdoorsy Dad + Canon T3i Giveaway!

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Clockwise: Desert Solitaire / Biolite Camp Stove / Snow Peak Titanium Flask / Kindle PaperWhite / Patagonia Trail Socks / REI Flash Pack

My Dad is quite possibly the easiest person to shop for in the world. Is it outdoor equipment? Is it found in the survival category of REI? Is it wool? Titanium? Water repellant. Done. I usually just catapult myself into a section of the REI store and let the equipment duke it out for a space under the tree. From living with a gear-junkie, I can speak to the above items with confidence - if you've got an outdoorsy fellow or lady in your gift-giving circle, they'll love these pieces.

Desert Solitaire is a must-read for anyone not acquainted with the classic piece on national parks. Whether you're into the wilderness or not, it's a fantastic read and provides a lot of food for thought on access to parks and how we should develop our wild spaces. 

The bio-lite camp stove and the titanium flask are examples of some awesome pieces that would make any gear guy smile. The biolite stove accepts a whole host of natural items (sticks and brush) for fuel, eliminating the need to cart canisters of fuel on a trip. It's a bit pricier in the $125 range, but it powers electronics and would be a fantastic survival gift. The titanium flask is just too cool. Snow Peak makes some great gear like titanium chopsticks too and don't weigh you down on long treks.

As for the flash pack and wool socks, these are just inexpensive items that are great for the trail. Who doesn't love a cushioned pair of socks for long hikes? And finally, the long-lasting battery on the Kindle Paperwhite makes it a great alternative to lugging a heavy book on a solo trip into the woods. Perfect for picnics, the porch, the beach (no glare), or taking on a day trip, you can store your free books and your wildnerness survival guide (even recipes) on this and the battery will last for about a month! 

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