Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Bound

Sweater (similar on sale), jeans, socks: Gap; Necklace, boots: c/o Lulu*s

We're stuck. Snowbound. Confined to our small apartment for the weekend. This snow and wintry weather just won't quit. We're probably under nine or ten inches of snow right now. Not much for big cities with more than one snow plow, but when we ran out of food today and walked into the city, it was a graveyard. And the streets weren't de-iced, plowed, cleared... nada. Not many people in sight but the crazies cross-country skiing across town. If Ben and I commit a murder-suicide this weekend, it's because of this snow keeping us in a 700 sq. ft. space. There's only so much one can take of postponed plans, errands, and evenings out. There's also only so much wine in this apartment. It's reaching critical mass.

I'm trying to while away the hours on the phone with my Mom wedding planning. I've really leapt head first into the planning process (an email out to my venue, date picked, decor ideas set, bridal parties identified and guest list almost solidified in only a week!) and my Mom has been right there with me on the phone all day and emailing links back and forth. Modern technology has been a huge comforting help with us 2,500 miles apart. We've been sitting around Skyping and viewing Pinterest boards all at the same time. Perfect. If anything is making the snowfall more bearable it's planning with my Mom.


  1. I can't believe the crazy weather were having in Oregon! When I moved to Iceland this winter I thought I would be the one getting snowed in but looks like I was wrong! Hopefully it clears up soon.

  2. Love your outfit! Nice photo's with the snow like that.

  3. Looking pretty in the snow :-) xx

  4. Looking gorg! Love that necklace! Happy Sunday :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  5. Very cute!! It's snowing over here on the east coast too!

  6. Gorgeous photos!!!!
    Love your necklace and boots!

    The Retail Therapist

  7. love these photos, it looks so magical although it sounds horrid...the snow I mean :D I love how you made the outfit more chic with the necklace :) and you look gorgeous, send England some of the snow, we won't mind, everyone wants to be snowed in and stay in bed haha :) <3

  8. All that snow looks amazing, although this is coming from someone who is currently in an Australian summer. I can see how it would get tiring after a while though.

  9. Love that you guys are planning together!! How fun!

  10. you have the prettiest blue eyes ever! Love that statement necklace!


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