Friday, February 21, 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse (or What's In My Bag)

This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex, who provided me products to review
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I'm not a doomsday prepper. But that's probably because I lack the land, capital, and street smarts to stockpile weapons and build a bunker. 

I am not totally crazy, but I am pretty convinced that zombies are coming one day soon, in the form of some mutated virus that makes us all go insane, or some drug reaction that causes people to morph into some terrifying, cannibalistic version of themselves. If it's not zombies, it'll be a pandemic, a flu, rioting, and general danger (I guess the latter is probably more likely than zombies).

And so Ben and I are always prepared. We're not prepped. But we're prepared. With medical supplies and first aid on hand and we buy a good number of canned goods... just in case. We fill up a bucket with water when bad weather threatens a lasting power outage and we're always seriously talking about joking about our escape plan.

Being prepared isn't just for the paranoid. It's for smart people too. People that know that minor disasters can have detrimental effects like lack of clean water or food. And being prepared can be translated into all avenues of your life. It's making sure you carry a flashlight in the car, in case you ever get stuck in the dark. It's carrying granola bars in the glove compartment, in case you ever get trapped. It's keeping warm, substantial blankets in your home should you ever lose heat in the winter. 



Being prepared, for me, is having a giant handbag that carries absolutely everything I need. Like carrying my bring umbrella every day to work just in case I'm caught in a lunch-run rainstorm. And keeping a back-up eyeliner and cover-up in a side-pocket in case you ever need some in a pinch. And for the ladies out there that have been caught unawares by our dearest monthly friend, we all know how important it is to have a contingency plan. 

Though I said above that I wasn't crazy, I am really anxious and I'm always trying to limit the number of unknowns in my day. I always have a back-up plan and that extends into the realm of periods. I spent a lot of my high-school-hood living in fear of that monthly visitor because it meant inevitable problems with smuggling tampons or pads into my pockets and raising my hand to go use the bathroom  in the middle of chemistry class (the horror). Or forgetting to go use the bathroom during chemistry class and experiencing the all-too-familiar uh-oh moments. Back in high school there were no discreetly packaged products or cute packaging. It was like carrying around a blaring, bulky announcement: hey guys, I'm turning into a woman... right now, to be exact!

I'm too old to be doing that now and thank god for products like U by Kotex that look cute, discreet, and frankly don't look like tampons or pads at all. I can truck them around in my massive purse all day long and someone that happens to peer in wouldn't think twice. With the agony lifted of being caught red-handed (do you remember those high school fears?) with your "lady products" by some unsuspecting male going through your bag for a pen, and the agony of being caught in a much worse, unprepared situation (eek!)... there's little left to fear about that oh-so-inconvenient time in your life.

U by Kotex does a particularly nice job of packaging. It's stylish, if I do say so myself. And it really fits in well with my handbag full of preparations (granola bar, check! pepper spray, check! lip gloss and hair ties, check!). I'm impressed. Request a sample for yourself here.


I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Crowdtap on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.


  1. interesting read
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  2. Very beautiful (and capaciuos) bag. My bag is never big enough for my stuff!
    Eni K.

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  3. Beautiful bag! I also carry the kitchen sink around in my bag. I recommend re prepping stocking up on water too. x Jazzy at

  4. Being prepared is always a good idea in my book. Great way to advertise the brand. :))


  5. Haha !i know how it feels when you imagine someday zombies will come . Ive been imaginize it too sometime and feel like im going to prepare somehow . Anyway nice bag

    mind to follow

  6. Looks so fun! Lovely pictures

  7. Oh your bag looks so organized.. my would consist of tiny recepts, bobby pins, random pennies and some random crumbs that "Who knows" how it got there...


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