Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Date Night Make-Up

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Sweater: Gap (similar); Dress; Forever21 (similar on sale); Necklace: c/o Lulu*s; Boots: Sperry (similar)

Makeup: Walgreens

In the dead of winter, a date night often sounds to me like a terrible, cold, potentially snowy/slushy/rainy adventure. My clothes feel tired and old, sweaters pilled and jeans worn too many weekends straight to count. My heels can't be worn in the ice or snow. My legs are tired of tights. And often, my make-up is also feeling tired. And tired make-up + face + clothes + weather does not = feeling beautiful. I feel like I have the same ritual every day of winter: smudgy eyeliner because my pencil hasn't been sharpened, cover up and powder to cover up the under-eye bags, and usually no lipstick because I just forget and opt for Carmex instead. Add some hair in a high bun and you get winter-Kelsey.

But I often find that when I spend some time on my hair and face, experimenting with brighter and lighter colors (like this pink lipstick, Kohl eyeliner, and fresh powder to keep my face light and bright - all from Walgreens), I feel renewed. I want to put on a flirty dress (like the one above) for a date night out in the snowy mess that is the city. I want to layer jewelry and put back on my rings to display when fingers become ungloved. I want to actually do my hair in a braid or add sparkly headband. 

I am a big fan of bright, dewy make-up as a general preference. I love lighter lipsticks and shiny gloss. They remind me of tanner times when my face glows by itself. Being a very fair-skinned person, though, my under-eye circles often like to shine through light make-up in the winter. To achieve a fresh and "light" make-up look if you're fair-skinned, use the following makeup tips:

1. Start by learning how to contour your foundation to highlight and shape
2. Pick an eyeliner that's dark enough to give some substantial coverage if you have under-eye circles (it distracts from them!)
3. Go light on the mascara - just a couple of swipes for a brighter upper lid
4. Choose a light lipstick color (it instantly looks flirtier) and consider adding gloss
5. Cover everything with a light layer of powder to add another layer of brightness!


  1. i think its fabulous that you are using drugstore finds! that is pretty much all i use and i love how i can relate to the products you selected...and u look gorg!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. your eyes really pop with this makeup, and the headband is lovely!

  3. i love this look! that dress makes your eyes pop :)

    xo brie

  4. Pretty makeup! I love a bold eyeliner for night!


  5. You look so effortlessly put together here! And your eyes just pop with the makeup you chose! #client

  6. you look beautiful! loving this entire look. i really like how you went with a little bit lighter makeup.


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  8. Hello dear, beautiful blog and great your look :) cute photos :) i follow you with pleasure on GFC, bloglovin, instagram and facebook, if you want to pass by me :)


    kiss Tea

  9. Stunning makeup look, you look gorgeous!

  10. I love your necklace and headband! And heyyy i have the same sperry boots! I love them but the flap always slides to the sidesfor me and then my socks show through my laces. Does it happen to you? Anyways, you must have been cold for these pics but you look absolutely glowing! Have a great valentines day :) xo


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