Saturday, March 15, 2014

Midnight Travels

Jacket: Mountain Hardware; Top: Gap; Jeans: Paige Denim; Flats: Asos (similar); Purse: GiGi New York

Last night, Ben and I kicked off date night by heading to a bottleshop to by a few IPAs to taste beer. We also snagged some dips, a roast chicken, and went home to make pretzels and watch some Hayao Miyazaki films. We usually spend Friday nights with date night activities as it's one of our only days that we can spend together without Ben needing to study. About 10 minutes into the evening, we got a call about a family emergency and needed to abruptly leave home and head to Eugene. Our pretzel dough is still sitting on the stove and I am a bit sad at how delicious they would have been and now never will be.

So we're in Eugene now with Ben's family and our weekend has taken a much different turn. But not all about the trip has been bad - we had a nice drive down last night on the empty freeway. We also got to see a really beautiful sunrise this morning over the hillsides and are getting some important family time in. Kitty piled in the car with us last night as we left with little warning and no time to locate a cat sitter, and is having an absolute blast terrorizing Ben's childhood cat. There are always silver linings, or perhaps in the case of this morning, pink and orange sunrise linings, to every cloud. 

Happy weekend all.


  1. Great bag and ballerinas! You look so pretty :)

  2. lovely!

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  3. I hope everythings okay. <3
    I'm sure your pretzels will turn out great still, and your kitty will be okay. c:
    This outfit is gorgeous!
    Love those heels. c:


  4. I want your shoes, gorgeous.
    xx, Michelle

  5. Hope the emergency turns out well.

  6. I have that same necklace! Love it. And your nail polish is adorable!



  7. Great color combination!

  8. I hope that everything is okay! On another note: Love your shoes!

    xo Amy

  9. Great outfit! Love your statement necklace!

  10. love mixing the olive with the mint, the necklace is gorgeous too!!

    xo, Nina

  11. I hope everything is going ok! Email me if you need to vent/cry anything! I'm here girl!

  12. Hope everything is OK Kelsey!

  13. Gorgeous I love your green embellished top, babe! <3



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  14. Love the little details on your shoes and the necklace! Such a great outfit with a little touch of spring colors <3 and with that lovely smile :)))
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  15. I am so loving those gorgeous shoes!

  16. Love the muted greens!

    xo Ally

  17. Great look! You look amazing in green and the statement necklace is the icing on the cake!

    Jennifer Ashley


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