Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inner Battles

Tank: Obey c/o Lulu*s (similar); Pants: c/o Yoga Outlet; Shoes: Adidas

I used to work out all the time in college - twice a day during my junior year - and I loved being able to spend my free time on the elliptical and doing circuits. When you live next door to a gym and have 8+ free-time hours during the day, there's not much of an excuse to not work out. I used to read my PDFs for class while on the bike, used to read magazines or books for English on the elliptical, and then head home to eat junk food and drink something gross like white rum or PBR on weekends.

Working out was fun because I wasn't working out for any reason. I was thin, fit, and looked fantastic in college. Post-college life has proved that the older you get, a) the less naturally fantastic you look, b) the less Cheetos you can eat without repercussions, and c) working out to try to get rid of extra weight is NOT fun. I come home from a long day at work, a 30 minute commute time on either end of work (granted it's spent walking outside, which can be nice), a blog that needs maintenance, relief-beer that needs to be drunk, and a fiance and cat that need attention. The last thing I want to do is get on my work-out gear and walk over to the gym. It just seems like a big old ugh in my busy life.

And then I got engaged. And then I picked a destination wedding on the beach. And then important photos started looming on the horizon. And I started looking down at those areas that I perceive as my problem areas and thinking - no way, no how are these going to be featuring in my engagement photos, or wedding photos, or on display on a Hawaiian beach. No thanks!

So I am back at the gym. Struggling through some minor elliptical work and some really minor weights to get this body back in shape for July's engagement session and next March's wedding photos. As all you fashion bloggers know, there's little like new work-out gear to make getting there feel just a bit better. I love these new pants care of Yoga Outlet (at an awesome price no less) - they fit perfectly and somehow don't make me too hot in this increasingly lovely spring weather!


  1. I've been feeling the pressure too! our wedding is in September and then we're going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I've been off and on sick lately but hoping to get back into the gym asap!

  2. I hear you, girl! I was doing so good working out then over the last three months (due to a few circumstances) I just stopped. I desperately need to get back in to it and buying new workout clothes is definitely motivation!

    Because I'm Obsessed

  3. I think you look great but if you're not happy glad you're taking action!


  4. I love cute workout clothes! Makes me more excited to work out :)

  5. I have hated exercise my whole life. I love walking and chatting in pools (aka swimming), but that's about it. I know the struggle to get those sneakers on for reasons other than comfort.

  6. THIGH GAP |__¥__| !!!!!

  7. You look great!! I love all black when working out. I love to run and have so much time at uni, I graduate this summer and Its scary that i won't have that time anymore!

    Happy Saturday!
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  8. I work out in the AM that really helps me get through my day, and then it's already done so I can enjoy my relief beer and people after work :)

    xo, Nina


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