Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Give Me Layers, or Give Me Death

Jacket: Gap (old); Dress: c/o Lulu*s; Heels: Michael Kors; Necklace: c/o Ameera Noor

About the second week into August, people start clamoring for fall. The hot weather is getting old. Your closet is getting boring. The models on runways, mannequins in stores, and fall catalogs landing at your doorstep are all telling you "shop, shop, shop! It's a new season!" Even if it isn't a new season yet and even if August is the hottest month of all and even September has some sticky days to boast.

As for me? I have neither the budget or the available lunch hour to shop for fall staples and it's too hot outside to walk to the mall and lug back a bunch of heavy coats. I have to resort to shopping my own closet and starting to bring on the layering happiness with old pieces. For the warm weather we're still sporting here in Oregon, it's little boucle jackets with LWDs. It's my skirts that fit my winter color palette (crocheted greys and navy blue animal prints) with very bright summer tanks and loose, flowy cardigans. This upcoming season for me is going to be all about the old. Out with the new! In with the old!

What pieces do you leave hanging in your closet for the fall that work equally well in the winter. Boyfriend jeans are a given! I always struggle with how to work summer blouses and little dresses into my fall repertoire and would love some advice. 


  1. I think what you mentioned sounds perfect! Summer blouses with boyfriend jeans? Check! Summer dresses with light jackets? Check! I especially love throwing a denim jacket on over my favorite summer dresses. Love the combo you've got going on here :)


  2. Lovely jacket!



  3. I don't understand why we can't have fall with long days like we do in summer!!!

  4. Love this look! I cannot wait for Fall so I have been posting about transitioning on my blog this week too. I love the idea of adding a blazer or jacket over a dress we already have!


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    Vivre by Alecia Mariana

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  5. I love that necklace in your photos! I'm not quite sure I'm ready for fall yet, but I do love fall clothes, especially layering with light jackets and scarves. I'm not the most fashion savvy so that's all the advice I can give :)

  6. You look adorable! I just bought a military-inspired, olive green jacket that I can't wait to layer in the fall. I will sorely miss summer, but fall is my favorite fashion season.

  7. cute outfit ! love that necklace !
    Simply Sutter

  8. I have some dresses that I wear in the fall and in the winter with leggings and a sweater. I don't have a clothes budget so I just have to spice up what I already have!

  9. Love layering this time of year! I'm soooooo ready for crisp weather and all things fall. And boots! Oh yes, boots!

  10. amen! I can't wait for fall clothing and layering. Where are you taking your pictures!

  11. I try to make most of my clothes work for all seasons (with some exceptions of course). It's all about layering in the colder months.



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