Thursday, August 14, 2014

Planning A Wedding: The Shoes

I've started to share a bit about my wedding planning process (many of them written in moments of extreme despair about the big decisions we've made and the dream wedding that lies out of our reach), but I've been slacking off in my blog posts lately in lieu of actually getting stuff done. I need to write a few posts - on my process of finding the dress (purchased in May and alterations in November), on picking our flowers/favors/food/alcohol/venue/groomsmen attire/rings/etc - but for now, when I am all caught up in the glitzy glamour of finding a wedding heel, it's about the shoes. 

To preface the hunt for the perfect shoe, I have a few extenuating factors:

1. I don't want to spend $600-$1,000 on my shoes (sorry Jimmy Choo!). There are some gorgeous strappy gold/silver/white heels available at DSW for under $90 that can do the job. But, as you may want to spend that much, I've included swankier shoes from the $150+ range in this post (and plan to use a gift card for about $200 to buy mine).

2. We're getting married on a lawn on a beach therefore sand and grass will be my floor. Our reception is in a fancy hotel so I am going to try to wear heels for both (perhaps with some of those heel caps).

Without further ado, here are some of my picks for sparkly, fab, and classic wedding shoes!


Wedding heels

Booties, especially caged booties and laser-cut details, seem to be the trend right now! For the trendier lady looking for some glitz, glam and differentiation. I love these fun options. Check out the gorgeous heels in this post that my wedding photographers recently shot.


wedding heels
Badgley Mischka (shoe 1 and 3, 4); Loeffler Randal

Strappy makes my heart beat. Some of these heels (namely that gorgeous Badgley Mischka third from the left) are really vying for my heart. I don't think anyone does feminine glamour better than Badgley Mischka and often drool over their shoes, in part because they are affordable wedding shoe options!


wedding heel

I'm ready to wear these shoes right now, that's how timeless they all feel to me. For the elegant, classic bride this seems like the ideal black-tie wedding heel. I think I am going to try to launch into a full glitz, glamour, princess heel (strappy, I tell you!), but these are lovely too!

A little something extra


A little sum'in sum'in. Most of these are from Kate Spade, designer of amazing details like laser cut, bows, glitz, glamour, lace. I can never got over Kate Spade shoes and just lack the funds to wear them. For the wedding, however, they're an okay price point for some exquisite styles. On sale, you might be able to snatch some for $150-$250 and regular priced, probably more along the $200-$400 price point.


  1. Lovely selection of shoes!



  2. Pretty shoes. Wish I could offer a more clever comment, but I'm completely out of my element when it comes to weddings and ladies' shoes. :)

  3. What a selection! Wedding planning, while stressful, can be very, very fun!

  4. What a selection! I love the first bootie in the picture

    -- Michelle |

  5. this was one of my favorite parts! I ended up going with Jimmy Choo :)


    from San Francisco,


  6. TBH I'm a fan of nude this year. Such an easy, stress free color choice. The Kurt Geiger's just seem classically fun. :)

  7. Seriously, this is EXACTLY what I needed right now! The 3rd Badgley Mischka is my favorite!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  8. let me just say that i purchase an expensive pair of glitzy glam wedding shoes and i regret it b/c even though it's so special and pretty, i will most likely never wear them be completely honest, it was mainly just for photos.. i didn't even wear them during the actual wedding/reception b/c they hurt like crazy! if i could do it again i would have invested in a nice pair of classics that can be worn again and again with other dresses! xoxo

  9. I LOVE Kate Spade shoes, but they're not in my everyday shoe budget either. Lovely options for wedding shoes!

  10. The heel caps were a life saver! Wore mine on sand and dirt and it really saved me from sinking in.

  11. Wow these shoes are gorgeous! Are you going to be able to keep from sinking in with such skinny heels? Will you be able to see your shoes under your dress for the ceremony? Maybe wedges for that part and heels for the reception? I just remember my cousin's wedding when we were taking pictures on the grass and all the women were sinking in! Hahaah I'm a big fan of the strappy heels. They seem so elegant!

  12. This post is right up my alley - light pink and rose gold are my "it" colors of the moment! Thanks for curating some shoe picks for me :)



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