Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sunday Shopping

If you follow conventional fashion wisdom, you have a little less than one month to get full use out of your LWDs, white jeans, and anything that fits the non-winter-whites-but-still-white category. Until next Memorial Day. It sounds kind of dismal, but if you don't follow conventional wisdom, you're in luck. Everything white is on sale right now. 

I have been getting my full use out of white dresses, flowy white separates, and white jeans and wanted to share my white overload with you and then some favorite (and affordable) pieces on sale right now. I just stuck with white dresses, in casual to formal styles, because there is SO much available out there that I'd be up all night trying to pick! If I had any extra money right now that wasn't being funneled into the never-ending wedding cost buckets, I'd be snatching up these pieces immediately!

Details for each look: 1st + 4th photo by Leah Hope Photography; second look; third look; fourth look

ShopBop white dresses

Torn by Ronny KoboJuicy Couture; Joie; TBags Los Angeles

*All of these are super-on-sale at ShopBop. Check out other on-sale dresses here.


  1. Great series of outfits!



  2. I've been wearing so much white lately. Especially white dresses! The third outfit in this post is just gorgeous. The black, strappy shoes finish the look off perfectly :)

  3. great white outfits!

  4. I love the green blouse! the white outfits are also very cute on you! :)
    Fiona xx,


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