Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sweater, tee, pants, flats: c/o Ross
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Today, it rained. I woke up to that telltale pitter pat of rain hitting the awnings of the townhouse. The cat was curled in his chair, fast asleep, and a cool breeze blew through our dark room. It seemed like 2 a.m. in the cloudy dark, instead of 6:30, and it felt like I could sleep for an entire day under our cool sheets and thick quilt. Portland has been without rain for almost the entire summer, so to see the streets full of puddles and to open my stiff umbrella felt like some kind of awakening. We're rain people out here. People that thrive in the damp, in the wet, with our shoes soaked through the sole.  When it's sunny for too long, we start to pout, to watch the skies, to feel that our feet are getting dried and our roots are dying.

It felt good to have wet shoes all day, to have the knees of my jeans damp for a good hour in the morning, to smell the hot reflex of pavement under a rainstorm. But I think that it's even more gratifying to get warm after a damp day. I remember wet days (or weeks or months) growing up and getting home and sitting in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate or cider. It always seemed like a special occasion, to dry out in front of a blazing fire. 

I got that fall-weather feeling today, where you want to slide on sweatpants and soft tees and just get underneath a blanket. But we had a long day at a work event and that cocoa sipping, special-event-ing had to wait until very late this evening. Safely under a snuggly wool blanket with my cat, now, I am happy for all of these soft separates, warm grays, and delicious peach tea that fits snuggly in my hand.

*This is the last outfit in my Ross #FallFashion challenge series. Vote for this outfit (or a better executed comfy outfit) here!


  1. You look so cute! Such a cozy and Fall perfect outfit!

  2. Nice casual outfit, so good for fall. Your cat is very cute :)
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  3. Omigosh—so funny. Love these pics! I literally just yesterday had a photographer friend over yesterday taking pics of me in my house, and I really wanted to document my peaceful weekend mornings: me, with the cat, on our grey West Elm Henry sofa, with coffee. HA!!! Great minds, I guess! ;)

    My outfit was not as cute, though! I haven’t gotten into the cozy fall look yet this year!

  4. I am loving those joggers! Everyone seems to be jumping on the trend, so I think it's time I get my own pair! I hear they're so comfy! :) | Austin Life + Style Blog

  5. Lovely post! I love your photos and your cat is so adorable!


  6. Tea, a cat in the lap...and rain. There really isn't a better combination.

  7. Such a nice warm and cozy look, it makes me feel relaxed! Love that kitty, so cute and tea! perfect for a fall day!

  8. Perfect outfit for an autumnal days at home (and your cat is amazing) !!!! Kisses,

  9. That caturday must have been catlicious! :) I love your nails with the cup of tea and the tea tag in peach colour too!


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