Sunday, September 21, 2014

Falling Leaves

The first day of Fall is September 23rd (the countdown is on!), which means despite the end-of-August "It's Fall!" hysteria, this time it's really going to happen. Though the season always gets me ready for polished looks and sweaters, I see a really awesome and a bit more PNW-inspired look rolling out and into stores. Inspired by my own backyard, here are some grungier, more distressed (and decidely plaid) looks for the season! These looks are all inspired by Current/Elliot's newest line at Shopbop. Though the price tags are above my current $0 spending budget for the season (wah), I think they're definitely made-to-last from season to season. I'm also obsessed with these as inspiration boards for whatever 2013 dregs are still in my closet.

Boots: Sam Edelman
Parka, flannel, jeans: Current/Elliott

This Sam Edelman boot is killer. I love that it looks like a work-boot, equestrian boot, suede bootie cross. I feel like this boot is asking for an adventure with a rain-proof parka, rust jeans and a comfy plaid that takes wear and tear well. Colored denim has never made a big show in my closet, but this subdued rust colored jean and the olive green denim that I'm seeing all over the place seem totally versatile and not terrible un-slimming! I don't have any parkas in my closet due to our sopping winter weather here. I normally wear a down jacket or rain jacket and keep it at that. I love some of the drier climate parkas at Shopbop, though, and get an itch to live somewhere cold and dry when shopping them! Shop more colored denim here

Booties: Sam Edelman
Jacket, plaid top, jeans: Current Elliott

I feel like this board infuses the punk, NW grunge into fall. I've already picked up a pair of black jeans for fall and have my sale-alert eyeballs on a red plaid top. I think that pairing distressed and plaid together asks for an awesome moto jacket and some suede boots that aren't trying too hard. This look makes me want to explore boldness and bright reds for fall. Do you have any color trends you're looking to sport this season?


Booties: Sam Edelman
Hat: Rag and Bone
Top, sweats: Current Elliott

Stepping out of the grunge-inspired evenings and into the Sunday morning attire, I am sort of obsessed with this comfy-but-wearable-to-brunch look that'd seriously be perfect in PDX. I actually think that this is camouflage for Portland in the fall. Light colored boot, grey fedora, stylish sweats and a chambray button down - all of those things makes me ready for eggs Benedict and really awesome, strong coffee. I think that each of these pieces are also totally remixable for each of the outfits above. 


  1. I love fall just for the plaid and those booties are adorable!!

  2. I love all of these picks! I've been eyeing those bone colored Sam Edelman booties for a while now. They are incredible. I'm glad autumn is finally here! This inspiration is really helping me get into the season, despite the 90 degree weather we've been suffering the past couple of days...

    The What's In Between

  3. I am about to leave for a conference and I already packed pretty much an exact match to the first outfit! The only difference is that I packed wedge booties! I love the third outfit, too.


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