Monday, September 22, 2014

Feast: Grand Bounty Tasting

And then we feasted. For four days. In the center of downtown Portland, temperatures pushing 93 degrees, skies blue, people thick in the city from all over the country. Suffice it to say my stomach and head need a weekend from their weekend. I feel like I was hit by a truck. Carrying wine and duck and butter and cured meats. Phew. 

Hold on to your hats because this post is food, picture, event, everything heavy.

The Grand Bounty Tasting (Friday and Saturday)

Kale salad with Oregon albacore

Burgerville's blackberry lemonade

Duck breast with blackberry confit and thinly sliced radishes

Heirloom tomatoes and micro arugula on fresh Oregon fish


Goose galantine

Endless pours of wine. The last shot is from Anne Amie vineyards here in Oregon.

Panna cotta with raspberry sauce and crumbled local gingersnaps

Irish car bomb cupcakes

Union Wine Co. had the best set-up of the entire range of events at Feast. At the brunch, they were stationed in a small camper van decorated to the nines. They also handed out rubber bands for your pinkies to combat wine snobbery.

Cheese tastings at the Whole Foods Market cheese booth

Local Heirloom tomatoes with Jacobsen Sea Salt

Jane and I

Crispy onion and cabbage slaw from the Bon Appetit tent

Occidental Brewing Co

That apricot and citra hops ice cream was summer in a scoop!

Bethel Heights Winery

The Grand Bounty Tasting at Feast spans two days from 12-5 p.m. and runs (each day) $60 per person (I attended on a complimentary media/blogger pass). Once inside the tents and Pioneer Square, your food and drink and enjoyment is unlimited. I'd highly recommend this event if you're looking at attending Feast and trying to get a sense for the event without shelling out hundreds of dollars. I went by on Friday at lunch (giant mistake as I had to waddle back full of snacks and struggle through the 1-4 p.m. should-have-been-my-nap hours) and filled up on tons of appetizers (the chef tasters like the first images of goose, scallops, duck breast, etc. rotate and each day features a different set). 

The wine and beer, being freely poured, is awesome. There were many sparkling roses, some champagnes, a lot of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir. I think I spotted a Syrah or two amongst the Pinot-dominated field, but when in Oregon, just drink Pinot. The pours were generous tastings and I found that just visiting 3 wineries at Feast was akin to spending $60 for 3-5 tastings at about 3 wineries in the Willamette Valley. Ticket paid for! I also loved the beers on tap. Portland breweries were pretty well represented as were some breweries from Salem and around the state. 

I was particularly impressed by some of the desserts at Grand Bounty - namely that panna cotta and the Irish car bomb cupcakes. Not pictured were a host of gluten free cupcakes, pie from Pacific Pie Co (to die for) and many, many chocolates from Valrhona. I was also blown away by the kale salad (so fresh and delicious), many of the cheese tastings from Bon Appetit's station, the heirloom tomato and Jacobsen sea salt, and the duck breast with blackberries! All in all, there was enough food to stuff me to the brim and render me useless for the entire week.

One of the best parts about Feast was the opportunity to hob nob with Portland's finest chefs and some fine chefs from other cities and states. The lines to snag food (not necessarily at the Grand Bounty Tasting but at some other events to come), brought unfamiliar people together. I spent time in line with people from California, Seattle, Tahoe. With editors of magazines here in PDX, with chefs, with food critics, with food teachers. It was an amazing experience to meet others and discuss quality food. All in all, a weekend well spent. 

More to come tomorrow on the other events I attended!


  1. I love posts like this! What a great way to start the week! The food and event look like so much fun! I love your dress! XO


  2. Absolutely beautiful photos as always friend! (And not just the one of you and I...although that one is great LOL)

  3. Oh, wow! What an amazing event! What I really love about this are the one bite portions. It really bugs me when you go to a festival and have to eat a messy meal with your hands, while standing in the middle of the street being pushed by the crowds of people (a typical Taste of Chicago experience, add heat and humidity to the mix as well). I find it hard to enjoy and savor my food when I'm concentrating on how not to make a mess of myself or my outfit.

    These pictures look so appetizing, they're making my stomach growl. Since my husband's been gone for a family emergency, I haven't done any grocery shopping in hopes of perhaps loosing a couple of pounds while he's away. Looking at these images is making it tough.

  4. these pictures are fantastic. I love that the tasting plate has the cutout for your wine glass, I always struggle to balance my drink + plate at events like this!

  5. Great photos. The food looks so delicious. Every event should have those tasting tray with the cut out. How smart!

  6. Amazing photos and all of that food and wine looks delicious! I will definitely have to mark my calendar for next year and make it to this!

  7. Ah, Feast. Looks like a lot of fun and of course extremely tasty. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes? OMG! You had some cool images too.

  8. So yummy!



  9. These pictures are amazing, and all of that food is just overwhelming. I want everything! Haha, also, you look absolutely stunning.

  10. I definitely gained at least 5lb! You had beautiful shots! I especially love the one of you and Jane :)


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