Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Purses

You probably know from reading my blog that I don't really have a handbag collection. I get a new one every few years, always black, always large, and it carries everything I own from tupperware for work lunch, my heels for changing into, umbrellas, coats, wallets, make-up bags. You name it. My current Gigi New York bucket bag weighs about 25 pounds and I blame it for all of my shoulder tension. But I can't give it up. I just need to have everything in my bag.

I usually get a new bag when mine starts to look embarrassing and the insides resemble a cow pen more than a handbag. I decided to prowl about ShopBop today for some beautiful new fall bags in mostly not black. I would imagine that these would add some beauty to any fall wardrobe (I'm thinking in creams, pinks, greys for fall). 

Untitled #51

What kind of purses do you usually invest in? Is there a color preference? Are you a handbag collector? Do you buy cheap bags because you destroy them? From one quirky handbag-owner to another, let me know what your process is!


  1. I love a great handbag, but I don't get new ones enough either... Lately I've been going about a year before replacing.... but I do love to change up the colors, white, coniac, gray & black... But usually it needs to be classic, so it blends with most of my looks... Love the one by Chloe!

  2. These are all great picks! Loving the black one. xo, Hayley

  3. Stunning selection!



  4. These are all beautiful bags! I really want a good tote or bucket bag.

    All That Glitters

  5. That first bag is absolutely perfect!

    Kirsten x


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