Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wine Country

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I know I already did a segment on where to taste wine in Oregon, but wine country calls my name about once a day once a month, and on its last call, I answered and Ben and I drove out to the Willamette Valley on a gorgeous day. I've been to a lot of wineries here, but there are at least 300 in the Portland-Willamette Valley region and each time we try to tackle enough to make a mini-dent, but not too many so that we are unable to head home that afternoon. Armed with a large loaf of bread, cheese, and a hydroflask full of ice water, we're usually able to hit three wineries (with a brewery thrown in) and split some tasters and still feel ready for a glass of wine when we get home.

This past trip we visited three wineries that have pretty good reputations here and have gorgeous grounds. The first was Sokol Blosser. A while back a colleague recommended I try their ever-popular Evolution white and since the first sip, it became my go-to summer white wine. It's not too sweet, not too dry, and easy-drinking wine. Usually running about $14, it's budget friendly and also great to bring to a summer BBQ. We were so happy to try their line of more impressive Pinot and Pinot Gris (plus an end of season Rose of Pinot Noir), and it didn't disappoint. Ben and I are huge Pinot fans and so we lounged about the tasting room and enjoyed the spoils of 2011 and young 2012 Pinot and looked out across the beautiful rolling hills.

Our second stop was across the street from our third, on a beautiful hilly road snaking up above the valley, at Domaine Serene. Serene it was. We loved the beautiful building, art on the lawn, interior, and flower beds (and the long driveway through vines and trees turning red with the season). And the wine was crazy good. Hefty tasting fees (about $20 for three-five tastings) accompanied all of these vineyards but I found it worth it for $60-$95 a bottle wines. We tried many reserves, vintages from hot years, and sipped within gorgeous buildings. There were tons of people picnicking on the lawn with salami and cheese and freshly corked bottles as the bees buzzed around pretty yellow flowers.

Our final stop (before we stopped at some new breweries in Dundee), was at Domaine Drouhin, another big name here with great wine (at a mid-level price point). We sampled their all-Pinot flight on their beautiful porch while fending off  some yellow jackets and bees drawn by the many flowers surrounding the property. The all-Pinot flight was only $10 to taste three wines, which was a bit of a relief from the $20 fees of the previous wineries. We also saw a ton of people picnicking on their porch as well with cheese and crackers and wished we'd packed something delicious!

It was a lovely, hot day and I'd highly recommend these three wineries for those looking for good Pinot, great views, and pretty buildings in which to taste! Happy drinking!


  1. I absolutely love Domain Drouhin! It's tough living right in the valley and being so close to wineries, I feel like I get the call nearly once a week and most of the time it's too easy to pass up! If you haven't checked out Stoller Family Estates or Vista Hills - those are two of our favorites!

  2. Such a beautiful photos!! You look breathtaking and I have truly enjoyed this post!

  3. Lovely! I enjoy going to Anne Amie, too. Such a beautiful place.

  4. Oh I live in Sonoma region in California.. and i don't go wine tasting enough... Love it too.. especially when armed with a great look, bread & cheese... Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Looks like you had a blast and the photos are beautiful.

    If you have a second I would love to hear your thoughts on my most recent blog post. XXOO

  6. I'm not a wine drinker but these pretty pictures make me want to drink wine just so I can go wine tasting!

  7. Wish I was nearby because this sounds amazing! So glad that you enjoyed your day - happy weekend!!

    Annie Reeves


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