Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thinking About: Capes, Stripes, Bucket Bags

The fall fashion scene seems to be awash with some new styles that I don't have in my closet. Usually once polka dot tights come back around, or large plaid scarves make an appearance, I am ready to unpack that fall/winter box of clothing and recycle. But this fall looks like it's getting a bit more upscale than the usual army/utility parkas and bunches of plaid. It looks more like a movie, or a foreign street. 

Here are some of the pieces I've been thinking about lately:


OakTory BurchDKNY Cape Dress; DKNY Cape

Capes! Who would have thought that capes would be (back) in style. I swear that these aren't the cape-ponchos of yesteryears - they're wool or cashmere, sophisticated. I love the way they show off the delicate parts of your arms. I've been seeing capes on my favorite bloggers and in favorite magazines.

To keep a cape from wildly standing out, think muted colors or monochrome looks. I love it when your outwear blends in to your outfit and creates dimension and layers.


Joseph; Zoe Carson; Edith A. Miller; Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am entirely unsure why I didn't have a staple striped shirt in my closet until just recently. I went through an insane striped phase in college where I only wore navy and white striped attire but I think all of those college-tees and long-sleeves faded away over the years leaving me stripe-less. I'm also not sure why stripes always seem so Parisian-chic to me - perhaps it is that they are effortless and look fantastic with a pair of stylish flats, cigarette pants, and on Audrey Hepburn... If I could, I think I'd refill my wardrobe with all of these tops from pale pink to plum and back to navy again.


Michael Kors Collection (1 and 3); Halston HeritageSee by Chloe

Finally, the bucket bag. I've owned a lot of purses in my life but never a bucket bag. There's something endearing about the "sack"-like quality of these bags - the cinched top, the flat bottom, the easy swinging strap. I know that there have been some crazy affordable bucket bags coming out recently (like this Old Navy bucket bag - 25% off today), but I've been dreaming of something a little more luxe.


  1. I need all of the above!! The Rack had a great cape but then it sold out. :(

  2. Haven't even purchased my first striped shirt - SO BEHIND! But excited to do a little have some great picks here. ;) Xo, Alison

  3. I can't believe you didn't have a striped shirt in your closet either! Although, I guess I can relate since I just got one last year. I want a cape too! I love the one your favorite blogger is wearing! I love her style! I'm totally going to follow her blog now! Thanks for introducing me to her! :)

  4. I love all 3 of those styles! I am especially on the lookout for a bucket bag. Great list!!


  5. Everything in these styles is good and famous. Strip t shirts are in trends these days.

  6. Nice post. I like capes.


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