Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hour: Rye + Aquavit Cocktail

I have never been a big Halloween person. To me, it's a stepping stone holiday. Once Halloween candy is off the shelves, it's the holiday season. Time to buy gifts, think about holiday plans, and start my teensy tiny infiltration of Christmas decor into the house in spots Ben won't notice it. I stopped formally dressing up in the 5th grade until college when I had a few ironic costumes. Ben and I were robbers last year for a terrible Halloween party we spent about 30 minutes at and this year have kind of thrown in the Halloween costume towel. I suspect we'll watch some good foreign and/or classic horror films tonight and have a bottle of red wine or this delicious and a bit Halloween-y cocktail. 

If you're similarly low-key or just looking for a pre-game drink, try this rye and aquavit cocktail. If you're not familiar with aquavit, it has a licorice taste.

Happy Halloween!

You'll need:

2 oz. Rye
1 oz. aquavit
A dash of Peychaud's bitters 
1 twist of lemon peel
1 sugar cube (optional)
4 oz. seltzer water (optional)

Rinse glass in aquavit. Add rye, remaining 0.5 oz of aquavit, dash of bitters, and a sugar cube if you prefer a sweeter drink. If you do add sugar, be sure to stir it in to your drink. If you prefer a weaker drink, or just want to make it last longer, add soda water to fill your glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


  1. Oh yum! What a nice seasonal cocktail. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am all about a low key halloween, I'm sure that once we have kids it will pick back up again!!!


    Dimples of Dixie

  3. Must taste sooo good!



  4. oooo i must try this :D



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