Saturday, November 1, 2014

November First

Cardigan: Ugg; Top: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Paige Denim; Booties: Ross

Waking up on the first day of a new month is not usually much different than waking up on the last day of the previous month. But this November 1st, it was cold out. I stepped outside to take out the trash and was chilled through my clothes. This hasn't happened - that breath-in-the-air, deep chill feeling - since the early spring. The trees, overnight, had turned crimson. People were bundled in scarves and hats and boots. The city was quiet, as if everyone was still sleeping off October.

So we ventured out early, after breakfast sandwiches made at home on hearty Russian Rye bread. First - to the prettiest paper goods store in the heart of the Pearl District for expensive single sheets of paper and calligraphy pen ink for wedding invitation practice. Deckled edge blush and white paper in hand, we checked out after doodling with dip pens and watching the little songbirds in the shop chatter their morning songs. Then, to the art store. We (I) picked up a new notebook for doodling and more ink. And to top off a chilly morning spent stocking up on ink and paper, we stopped at Starbucks (not normally my first stop for coffee in PDX as there are so many other, better coffee shops) because I saw the tell-tale November red cups in the window. Sadly they gave me a white cup (the people before and after me got red cups) and ruined my entire plan to have a festive photo under the tinged-red trees. Damn you, Starbucks.

I spent the rest of the day wedding planning with my Mom, chatting with my Dad, and practicing flowing script somewhat unsuccessfully. When Ben came home to relieve me of my hobbies, we headed out to Coopers Hall, a newer tap room for wine in SE Portland. Sipping pinot from France in candlelight was the perfect end to a perfect Saturday. The first Saturday of November. Kick off to a beautiful, chilly holiday season. 


  1. I love your booties!



  2. Perfect cardigan and boots! You look beautiful and scenery behind you is simply magical!

  3. Love this casual and effortless style :) Amazing boots. Mel

  4. This pictures just scream fall, and seem to encapsulate everything I love about it.


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