Friday, May 22, 2015

Kelsey Malie

Ladies in Navy turned three years old this month. And somehow I missed that birthday. Which seems like fitting forgetfulness considering my recent laziness with the blog. There comes a time when every blogger writes a post like this: "I'm sorry for not posting" or "I'm sorry for being disengaged" or "This isn't who I am anymore" or "Something has to change." I made it three years without something this obnoxious going up on the blog, but I suppose one can only make it so far before that post becomes inevitable.

We grow and we change. And what we were in high school often isn't what we are now. And what we are now is not always what we will be in the future.

I suspect that launching my calligraphy business distracted me from this blog. It has been hard work. Client projects and expectations have sucked up all of my time and taking photos of my outfits on a daily basis has felt less important than many of the other things going on in my life: my (new) marriage, my home, my job, my small business, my hobbies, trying to create a full life. What I wear is still important to who I am, but I've been looking for a more minimalist approach to that identity (no capsule wardrobes coming your way, don't worry).

What I mean to say is that a style blog doesn't feel like it fits perfectly any more. And over time I've been transitioning from a style blog to a lifestyle blog - more wetlands, more breweries, more writing, more recipes. I just never made a public declaration and whether or not you needed one, I did. Ladies in Navy has long felt like a very inauthentic title (there's only one of me, now, and I like all shades of blue).

When crackers get stale, I toss them and get new crackers. If the air gets stale in a room, I open a window and turn on a fan. This time, the blog, the name, the domain, they all got stale and so I'm tossing them/opening a window/adding some (hopeful) freshness.

If you'd like to stick around for more of this life and style, please do and please bookmark this site:


  1. Lovely post, I can't wait to see where your new blog takes you!
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

  2. I thought I was getting bored of blogging but it turned out I just needed a little kick from antidepressants and prescription-strength vitamin D! I must admit, I transitioned to a lifestyle blog a while back. It just makes more sense, I think. Allows for more fun!

  3. I think it's awesome that you are going a different way with your blog. I've done that a few times and each time I get a renewed love for blogging!

  4. You do you lady! Happy you have found happiness in whatever you do :)

  5. This sounds very exciting! I will definitely be adding your new site to my blog reader. I love that you are striving for a full and authentic life, whatever makes you happy and fulfilled is the right path for you! Cheers :-)

  6. Perfectly said. Stale the analogy.

  7. Congrats on your transition! It's so fun to see such a beautiful final product, when I'm in the middle of transition myself. Your site lets me know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    xx Katie
    lovely letters


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