Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Linens

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Retailers: Madewell; Banana Republic; Anthropologie; Gap; LOFT

I am currently obsessed with linen for summer. Yes, it wrinkles. Yes, it can make you look sloppy if you're dressed from head to toe in linen at work. Yes, it's a pain to maintain. But it also looks like the perfect, comfortable, natural artist's uniform. It reminds me of vacationers sipping white wine on a terrace somewhere abroad. People that wear linen always seem to be a bit more carefree than the cotton-wearing masses - "wrinkled pants? I don't care! I'm on vacation!"

I'm eyeing some of these pretty linen pieces, these mules and embellished sandals, and simple jewelry. I suspect that not making a statement is the new making a statement. If that makes any sense at all!


  1. Love the sandals especially

  2. Geoffrey F. NormanMay 20, 2015 at 2:11 PM

    Funny, I thought wrinkled clothing was sort of an "in" thing. Or maybe I'm out of touch . . . again.

  3. Ahh I'm totally allergic to linen, but I love the look of it and wish I could wear it during the summer!

  4. I've been loving all things white recently, so great for summer!

  5. Great set of things i love the rose gold flats<3


  6. I love them all! They're so simple and summery! I really like the sandals at the top!


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