Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On Blueberry Time

Top: Gap
Shorts: LOFT (in pink)
Watch: c/o JORD

I was a watch person in high school. Drifted between leather band watches from Fossil to giant Baby G watches (they were popular!). I remember feeling naked without my watch on. And asking for a new style every single Christmas and birthday. But then I developed a metal allergy and wearing a watch with a stainless steel back and a metal clasp started to give me a rash and was generally uncomfortable. I think it has been about 8 years since I've worn a watch on my wrist. 

When this JORD wood watch arrived, I was so thrilled to find it to be almost entirely metal-free. The maple wood covers even the back of the watch that presses against the wrist, and the metal on the clasp is minimal and hasn't bothered me at all. I've been loving wearing this on miniature adventures like blueberry picking in the hot summer sun, or as an accessory to my work outfits. It takes me back to a time when a watch was my primary accessory. 

FYI, Portlanders, the blueberry and raspberry picking is going strong right now! Get out there and get smoothie supplies and some big buckets of berries!


  1. Mmmm I love this season because of blueberries and strawberries here! I buy them up and put them in EVERYTHING!

    Sunday Brunch

  2. The blueberries look so delicious, and I love your double stripes!

  3. Your outfit is darling! And now I must prioritize berry picking!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, you look fantastic!! <3

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  5. Wow, you picked a haul! Our blueberry bush is just begging to be picked right now.

  6. Now i'ms so excited to go blueberry picking!


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