Friday, July 31, 2015

Body by Victoria

I was sent these Victoria's Secret bras to review by, but all opinions in this post are my own!

I have two bras that run in heavy rotation because, for some unknown reason, bras never seem to take a priority on the shopping list. They're more of an OMG I NEED SOMETHING NEW desperate act that happens far too late and far too infrequently. One is a plain black bra that sees almost every single day. While it used to fit me perfectly, it now rides up, the straps get loose and fall down, and the cups seem to gape a bit. I've been wondering if I was changing weight/size/shape, but never really considered it was the bra's problem. I was on the "it's not you, it's me" line of thinking. 

The second is a horribly ill-fitting strapless that shows through t-shirts, requires a sports bra to be worn over it to really keep it up, and mostly should just be thrown out.

Shame on me.

At just about the "my wit's end" with these bras moment (that moment I race over to the nearest store that sells bras and fling one off the rack that looks passable and buy it without trying it on), I took the Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria fit test online. The results gave me an answer that should have been obvious: I am wearing my bras too long, they're losing shape, and they need to be replaced. Nothing's changed about my own personal shape, just the bra's elasticity. And, really, it's lifespan.

I had the opportunity to try out the new collection of Body by Victoria bras after taking the quiz that basically said I was a bad bra parent. And I've been converted. The Body by Victoria line has the softest fabrics ever (seriously, they feel weightless on the skin), the softest lace (it blends in under t-shirts and tight fitting clothes), new styles and is at a great price point. I tried a collection of three bras. I fell madly in love with the brand new Lounge Bralette. With no underwire or padding, it's such a delicate, pretty bra to wear underneath a tank or sleepwear around the house. It feels so romantic. The black bra pictured above (the Perfect Coverage bra) is insanely soft and is your brand new, must have t-shirt bra. It's becoming my new "I should rotate my bras more often" bra.

Go try on a bra now and you'll be converted. If you purchase this week (through 8/2) you could be entered to win a brand new Jaguar in the Body by Victoria sweeps! Perfect fit, soft lace, and a new car? Sure!

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  1. Hmm you're reminding me I'm a pretty bad bra parent too... It's probably been years since something new, I can't even remember the last purchase! Thanks for the chiding to check and rethink my stock!


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