Monday, August 3, 2015

Market Blooms

Top: c/o Aeropostale; Shorts: LOFT (on sale!); Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

Monday mornings never thrill me, but there's some cloud cover here in Oregon after a hot Friday and Saturday, and that makes me happy. Yesterday, sitting inside doing calligraphy, the entire apartment smelled like an incoming rain squall. We got only a few drops, but the air was heavy with rain and and the hot pavement and breeze blowing through the trees outside my window brought in that summery smell that you can't recreate or capture. It is perhaps the quintessential smell of this hot season.

This weekend, we made our way to the bountiful market and picked up brightly colored peppers, squash, the beginning of late summer's tomatoes, and we have designs on making a fresh batch of pasta sauce with these purple, deep red, and orange tomatoes that we have by the bagful. I also had a bouquet made up at a flower stand of beautiful purple dahlias, bright pink peonies, and eucalyptus and the house feels bright and happy. 

I live for the weekends (better than the other way around, I suppose) and when they're over I have at least two days of bitter adjustment to the work week, one day of acceptance that it's the work week, and then two days of anticipation of the upcoming weekend. I guess that's the working adult's modus operandi, but I wouldn't mind a three-day weekend showing up and giving me a break!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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  1. I too have been enjoying the scent of a hint of Rain though admittedly it's greatly helping that I appreciate it because I don't have to actually be in rain


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