Monday, July 27, 2015

The Only Peach Tree

Chambray: c/o Aeropostale (only $24); Shorts: LOFT (only $20!)

Let me first say that these are linen shorts and linen does as linen is wont to do (wrinkle!). But they're also the most relaxed, comfortable, available-in-many-colors, amazing. vacation-ready shorts in the world and they're $20 today at the Loft. Do as I did and order them in every color. 

And second - this happens to be the ONLY peach tree in Hood River, Oregon that is available for u-pick. All the donut peaches a person could desire... if a person desires one tree's worth of semi-ripe donut peaches. 

Ben and I headed into Hood River on Saturday in the misty rain, dragging a friend along, promising him the spoils of the fruit loop. And then we hit various farms that had signs up like: "U-PICK PEACHES AND CHERRIES." Upon parking and asking for buckets and directions to the nearest tree, we were met with, at every single farm stand, a sad "we've just finished cherries and peaches are one week out." Discouraged and disheartened, we drove deeper into the loop and out into Parkdale where a woman took pity on us and let us pick some donut peaches off of the one tree that was bearing fruit. 

We picked a few buckets full, took them home with the intent to make peach daquiris (a broken blender welcomed us home), and then decided to just drink beer and eat wood-fired pizza in downtown Hood River. Sometimes defeat tastes just as good as a u-pick peach win.

Oregonians, a note: don't go to Hood River for fruit this week.

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