Monday, August 10, 2015

On the Farm

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I climbed up into a peach tree this weekend, dodging wasps and falling fruit, and filled a box full of bright, soft globes of farm-freshness. In the orchard, the trees were interspersed - bright peach trees alternating with not-yet-ripe pear trees and the occasional apple tree. The farm, under the shadow of Mt. Hood and perched atop a fork of the literal Hood River, was very quiet, and as expected in the gorge a strong wind gusted through knocking the peaches about.

I share a lot of u-pick adventures on the blog, not because I want to bore you, but because Ben and I love going out to farms and harvesting our own fruit. Picking your own food gives you such a close-to-the-earth feeling (not to mention the delicious smell and taste). If we had the resources, or land, or time, I think we'd be growing just about anything we could grow. Currently our apartment balcony has to suffice and it can hold about three planters - one of rosemary, one of a giant, blooming hop plant, and one of some mint.

Whenever we drive to Hood River, Ben and I brainstorm what we'd do with a farm up on the slopes of the mountain. Would it be fruit? Or vegetables? Or flowers? Or livestock? I've picked out a few dream properties with great views that we dream of owning. But, I'm certain that Ben and I would be terrible farmers. We get up early, like farmers do, but we like to visit a farm and pick some fruit for a few hours, not spend an entire lifetime tending to a crop. Ben also has a black thumb and kills the majority of plants he buys for our balcony garden. Perhaps we just need a friend with a farm in Hood River and we can stay comfortable with our backyard (someday) garden.

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