Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When in Hood River

I might post about Hood River too much, but I constantly find new things to share about this close-to-Portland get-away city. So today, I thought I'd create a definitive guide to staying and playing in Hood River (and the surrounding towns).

Where to Stay:

Columbia Gorge Hotel - Ben and I got engaged here, so I'm biased, but this hotel has a bunch of amazing features. 1) It's on a cliff, that's on a waterfall, so the Columbia River facing views are spectacular. 2) The property is a well maintained garden that is gorgeous in the Spring. 3) It's a historic hotel that is famous for ghost encounters.

Where to Eat:

Family-friendly: Solstice Pizza - This pizza place has delicious and interesting pizza toppings (goat cheese, chorizo and cherries or butternut squash and bacon), is right on the waterfront (to watch wind surfers go by). Super family friendly with good beer on tap. 

Good food and good beer: Double Mountain wait times are usually around 20-45 minutes, but it's worth it to wait for their wood-fired pizza. The beer's awesome too! Double Mountain is downtown and right next to Full Sail, so you can snag a parking spot and hit two breweries!

Dessert: Cicci Gelato - This little cart near Solstice and pFreim and is a great post-lunch stop! Their fresh Hood River fruit gelato is amazing.

A nice dinner out: Celilo - This is a great restaurant for a nice date-night if you're staying in Hood River. I loved their steak (and Ben loved their duck) when we went about a year and a half ago!

Where to Drink:

 Solera - This brewery is up in Parkdale (on the fruit loop) and will take you about 25 minutes out of Hood River and onto the base of Mt. Hood, but it has amazing views, a homey vibe, and some fun sours to try! Try the Izzy Stardust, Raspberry Sour.

Double Mountain - As mentioned above, great pizza, great beer, and a standby Hood River spot. Try the ClusterF&*k IPA!

pFriem - Some technically great and Belgian style beers (with interesting, and good food) down on the waterfront. I, of course, like their IPA.

Fox Tail Cider - I'm a HUGE fan of ALL of these amazing ciders (and I'm not always a cider girl). They are so well balanced and unique that I can drink a giant flight of samples and still want to buy a 22 oz of their bottled cider. Fuzzy Haven, their peach and apple cider, is my favorite, but try the whole flight.

Where to U-Pick:

Mt. View Orchards - U-pick, great prices, and deep in Parkdale (you'll drive past Solera on your way), this farm is run by super friendly people, has peaches and pears to pick right now.
 Cody  Orchards - U-pick apples (and occasionally other fruit at their farm), good pricing, and nice people! Call ahead to see what's available to pick!

*Skip: Draper Girls! They charge WAY too much.

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