Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On the Menu: Watermelon Summer Salad

In this rolling series of summer heatwaves, we have been decreasing our oven use to an almost non-existent level. Even thinking of preheating and opening up that oven door makes me sweat. It has been all about tuna salads, cold pasta salads, and sandwiches in this heat. But it's easy to get bored of sandwiches for dinner. With watermelon on the shelves and this no-cook recipe, we've been adding some variety to the no-cook options in our repertoire. This is by far my favorite. 

Read on for the really refreshing recipe!

You'll need: 

Cubed watermelon
Diced mozzarella
Balsamic vinegar
Sliced fresh basil (a couple sprigs)
Sea salt

Ahead of preparing the salad (up to a day), marinate diced mozzarella in a bowl of balsamic vinegar in the refrigerator.

To prepare the salad, slice a few sprigs of fresh basil. Cut off a 1.5-2" round off of a whole watermelon. Cut the rind off of the round from the inside of the watermelon so that you're left with a circle of pink, juicy fruit! Slice the watermelon into bite-sized (or larger) chunks. Sprinkle the mozzarella on your watermelon and drizzle some balsamic over it all (don't be too heavy handed or it will distract from the watermelon flavor. Sprinkle the salad with a bit of sea salt and the sliced basil and enjoy!

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  1. Yum! Watermelon salad is exactly what I'm craving this time of year.


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