Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Weeknd

Top: LOFT (40% off at the LOFT today); Jeans: Gap (40% off at the Gap right now!); Flats: Ross

This past weekend was going along swimmingly - Ben and I got a great sleep, we visited the farmer's market, I picked up paper supplies for some Sunday projects for clients, and we had a nice dinner out at a tapas restaurant I'd been dying to try due to its critical acclaim in Portland. We headed home on Saturday full of great food and drinks and I got into bed early. By 10 p.m. my stomach felt weird. By midnight, I was nauseous. By about three a.m., I was sleeping on the bathroom floor wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. I told Ben I had food poisoning and he, being roused out of a deep sleep and having to get up early Sunday for his surgery rotation, told me to "shh." Thanks, Ben! I spent the rest of the night fitfully returning to that sweet spot on the bathroom floor. Lucky me. And I spent Sunday not working on the pile of due projects, but in bed whimpering and trying to replenish my body's water supply. I think I am still missing about 8 glasses of water. As of Tuesday, I'm still only eating miniature portions of bread product because everything else sounds quite terrible.

I've actually never gotten for-real food poisoning. I've felt sick and had an upset stomach at foods I've ate (tater tots, you cruel things!), but I have never been in such horrible agony ever before. I count myself lucky as I know countless people that have been struck repeatedly with food poisoning. Ick! I would not recommend it. But in summary - tapas are finally scratched off my list of things I'm EVER eating again.

These photos were taken about 2 hours before I became ill, which is a case in point that blogging photos tell a very different story than what's really going on (or in my case, going to go on). 

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