Tuesday, November 3, 2015

There Is Only Try

Top: Gap (on sale!); Skirt: LOFT; Boots: Freebird

On October 15th (give or take a 24-hour period), the little red and green strand of Christmas lights in my head turns on and all the sudden my heart is singing about the holidays. I'm a Charlie-Brown-Christmas-Album in October, an "isn't bothered by mall Christmas trees before Halloween," a Christmas fanatic, a stocking enthusiast, a holiday decor obsessee. Christmas is my favorite thing about the entire year and makes every second rainy spring, of sunshiny summer, and cold fall bearable. I'm one of those people

But this year, October 15th rolled on by. And then the 16th barreled through, and the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd... they all kept coming. And my little strand was sitting there dark. I felt pretty dejected. And certain that I'd hit "end-of-life," like Microsoft's Zune MP3 player or a Palm Pilot and needed to be retired. 

Everything in my life lately seems to be requiring a lot of try. Nothing seems to happen spontaneously. I don't spontaneously recover from one too many glasses of wine. It requires coconut water, ibuprofen, B12, tea, soup, and a lot of sleep. I don't seem to spontaneously lose weight any more when I feel like I'm a pound over my healthy weight. That requires dedication and the complete cessation of eating anything that's not celery. 

I really didn't expect my Christmas madness to require a try as well, but it seems that this October I needed to delve in to the recesses of my brain/heart to turn on that strand of lights. They sure as heck weren't coming on by themselves and I was squandering precious weeks in October that are normally dedicated to annoying Ben by jumping the gun on the holidays. I suppose this is why adults are always so exhausted. They're using that little "try" switch, button, whatever you call it, ALL the time. They're constantly trying to muster up the energy to lose weight, to get over wine hangovers, to love Christmas as much as they did when they were children. That's a lot of try. Sigh. I suppose I better exercise that try muscle a little harder this season so I'm stronger for next year.

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