Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Denim

Chambray: Gap; Jeans: Gap; Boots: Freebird via Zappos; Bag: Madewell

Last night my Mom said "wow, 2015 has been quite the year" and I, attempting to think back in time, thought... hmm, hasn't seemed significant to me. My Mom reminded me that this year: I got married (whoops, forgot that one), that my brother got two new jobs, that she got a new job, and that Ben had started third year rotations. I suppose it has been quite the year. And it is clearly flying by. My wedding seems like a last-year memory at this point, and everything else is just whizzing by at warp speed.

Except, apparently, the weeks. For some reason, the past few weeks have been CREEPING along. I feel like I'm on an AMTRAK train that's stopping for every single red light in Portland and is catching up with a slow freight train sure to provide further delays. The days are refusing to pick up speed and the weeks seem to drag along like months. How odd that these tiny blocks of time can go so slowly when the months are like seconds. Time is a funny thing.

I am on my LAST DAY (hip hip hooray!) of Ben being away in the wild, living alone off of stew and Gotham. He's back tomorrow to make a big presentation, turn in a few essays, and the get kicking on his next rotation: family medicine. It's a welcome change - more time, less grueling hours, and a better location (in Portland, not three and a half hours East). It'll be weird to settle back into a routine though as my cats and I have gotten pretty accustomed to our quiet time and project time in the evenings. It's also amazing how clean a house stays when one person's living in it. No dishes pile-up, no 6 loads of laundry to do, not as many garbage bags to empty. Regardless, I am happy to disturb my quiet, clean routine for another person (that speaks more than just "meow") to join me in this small, but lonely house.

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