Are you a blog or a brand that’s interested in partnering with Kelsey Malie? If so, you’re in the right spot. Keep reading for more information on the advertising options offered on the blog and fill up your shopping cart below.

Kelsey Malie is a Portland, Oregon-based lifestyle blog. I have been blogging at (then) Ladies in Navy and now, Kelsey Malie, for over three years and readership continues to grow globally. I offer advertisements and sponsorship for a couple of reasons: 1. I love working with brands and sharing them with my readers, 2. I love being introduced to new products and companies, and 3. I use advertising revenue to reinvest in advertising my blog on other blogs and hosting giveaways for readers.

Ladies in Navy receives about 800-1,000 views a day and 30,000 a month with over 4,500 subscribers through Bloglovin and Google. All posts are syndicated through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

If you’re a brand…

I strive to work with brands that I know and trust, so that I can genuinely recommend them to my readership. If I feel like your brand is not a good fit for Ladies in Navy, I will not approve your ad.

How can I support your brand?

Product Reviews
I am happy to do a product review of an item or items on your site. I can showcase multiple looks or just one item. I’m also a chronic recycle-r of style, so your item will appear on the blog for more than just one post. This is also a great time to offer readers a giveaway item from your site or site credit (credit must have a value of over $25 and the credit must be able to purchase an item on your site).
Example review

If you’d like to host a giveaway with my readers (for brands only), I ask that you first purchase a sidebar (medium or large) advertisement. Giveaways can be store credit or an item in your store and credit must have a value of over $25 and be able to purchase an item on your site.
Example giveaway

Sponsored Posts
 I offer full sponsored posts to highlight your brand to my readership. A full sponsored post will feature your items (images, banners, etc.) and a write-up of the brand. This is a great time to offer a giveaway or discount code to your readers.
I’m always excited to work with brands on longer term projects, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have something in mind.
Example full sponsored post

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GFC + Bloglovin followers: 5,000+
Twitter followers: 850
Facebook page likes: 2,700+
Instagram followers: 1,550+
Pinterest followers: 1,600

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