Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When I Grow Up

I used to think I had it all figured out - what I wanted to be when I grew up. Working in HR in higher education seemed like the perfect place for me, a home for well-crafted emails, too many commas, and big dreams. A place where there wasn't a lot of money, but there was a lot of passion that made the little we had go farther. But lately I find myself wondering where I really want to go in terms of career. Knocked out of higher ed by our move to Portland, I find myself struggling. Do I want to make a career in HR if it's not in academia? Is the corporate world, where there is more money to go around than hope, just not the right place for me? 

I find myself dreaming of quitting work entirely and blogging for a living. That would be ideal, but totally unrealistic for the girl with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and a boyfriend in medical school. I find myself dreaming of getting better at anything creative and becoming a photographer, a stylist, a globetrotter (self, you hate traveling!), a part-time writer, a full-time pinner of perfect apartments and weddings and meals. These are certainly impractical dreams, but I think I need to keep my head in the creative world, if only in my hobbies and after-work pursuits. Academia contained that for me, through college and my first job - big thinkers, big talkers, big dreamers, and constant scholarliness. Blogging cultivates that for me now and for that I'm entirely grateful. It's keeping me afloat now that I am here in Portland. 

I think that I need to keep my head partially in the clouds (perhaps just my sock bun), so that I can keep seeing everything as beautiful and full of possibility. I need to remember not to let the fact that I'm no longer working at a hub for the liberal arts stop me from feeling creatively fulfilled. And with that, I'm going to sit down with a beer and the gorgeous Design * Sponge at Home and dream.


  1. I do think that if you aren't happy in the corporate world you should only be there just as long as you have to be. Keep searching for a job that will make you happy. If you need to be in a creative field to feel happy or satisfied with what you're doing then go for it. There might now be a HR in higher education right now, but what about in private schools? I don't know much about Portland other than I'm jealous of the weather it gets. (The worse the weather the happier I am.) Are there no colleges or just no openings?
    I myself am not going through this career confusion, but my husband is. He doesn't know if he wants to stay in Programming or move forward into Photography. So I've had the pros/cons/will I/won't I conversation for days. I'll tell you the same thing I tell him, as long as you're happy, the bills will somehow get paid, it all works out.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  2. I understand where you are coming from completely. Hang in there and don't give up on your dreams. You'll figure it out :)

    On another note, your outfit is fabulous!!

    xo Amy

  3. girl u are totally rocking the graphic tee trend! love it paired with this fab blazer!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  4. ugh that is the worst! well at the end of the day do what makes you happy! And I love Portland, such a fun city!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. I love that jacket on you so much!

  6. Hi lady,

    I just found your blog (not even sure how, really) and I'm really glad I did! All I can say is, keep dreaming! Good things come to those who dream, work hard and never quit. :)

    and super cute outfit. haha. <3

  7. wouldn't it be great to just be blogging and pinning all day! Hope you find the right thing for you, kelsey!

  8. Oh I would love to be a full time blogger too...a girl can dream!

    Those heels are gorgeous with the gold detailing!

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  9. I LOVE this look...very rocker but super classy at the same time. Keep doing what you love and put all of your love and energy into it and you'll get what you want, I totally believe it. I moved to LA 6 years ago and was living off of tuna and peanut butter for a few years. I busted my ass to get what I want and now I have a laundry list of the biggest pop and rock stars I've had the absolute pleasure to perform with. Persistence is key and you'll find your niche.
    Boho Bunnie

  10. Love this, it's exactly how I feel! Think you're doing the right thing and who knows, maybe someday you will be the world's best full-time pinner! :) (Love the jacket, by the way!)

  11. That's a beautiful blazer and I love the heels. Very professional.


  12. always relate-able! I firmly believe money follows passion so whatever struggle you have to go thru for real-raw-passion's sake I'm sure will be justly rewarded ;)

  13. My head has been in these clouds lately too! When do you "know" that you are on the right track to that goal of becoming what you wanted to be when you grow up? Ever? Oh goodness lady, I know it isn't easy & I wish you get to enjoy a bit of this soul searching, as I am try to as well!



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