Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer in March

Dress: Le Tote; Necklace: c/o Our World Boutique; Heels: Michael Kors

The sun was out in Portlandia today. 66 degrees and sunshine-y. Unheard of in March, but welcome nonetheless. When the sun comes out here, people crawl forth from their rainy cocoons to greet the day with joints ablaze and malt liquor uncapped, striped socks taken off to play bocce ball and hacky sack in the public parks, unicycles untethered and ridden, careening, down the waterfront.

The sunshine makes people here weird. The dogs go crazy, cats on leashes flip out (perhaps that is because they are on leashes), lunch microbrews at work become appropriate, and everybody is wearing something inappropriate - ranging from giant Patagonia puffers in the 66 degrees to short-shorts and bow-ties on men. 

The show, Portlandia, is true. I'm pretty sure it's a documentary and sometimes I'm worried that the filmmakers are following me around. 

Today, as I was eating an organic, vegetarian brown rice bowl for lunch (I'm one of them! Oh no!), our building caught on fire (just a little bit) due to a lit cigarette being thrown into one of the vents and catching a pile of leaves on fire. Because we're in a historic building, the alarms didn't go off and everyone was just sitting around at work smelling the smoke accumulate yet reluctant to go outside without prompting. We never did evacuate and apparently these vent fires are a regular occurrence as there are so many smoking, bicyclists and homeless that linger outside our office building flinging cigarette butts into the open vent grates. 

In other news, we had a shooting in the SW hills of Portland which is pretty rare around these passive, liberal parts. It made the headlines, but had to fight for space with this article: "Aggravated Cat is Subdued by Portland Police after Terrorizing Family." Not kidding. A cat trapped a family in its bedroom the other night "terrorizing them" enough to call the police and report that they were stuck in a hostile situation.

What gives, PDX? Perhaps we need some rain again.

*Quick disclaimer about these photos - I'm not slightly pregnant as my posture in these photos suggests! :) Someone needs to stand up straighter.


  1. Love this floral print! Looking great in that dress!
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  2. THIS DRESS IS GORGE! You look amazing, girl! Love how you styled this. A little bit of sunshine never hurt anyone - one day in the 40's and I'm wearing a denim jacket and flats (btw still too cold, i didn't care!)

    xo, Nina

  3. Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful! xx

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  4. Woooohooo! Look at you hottie!

  5. that dress! I love love love it!


  6. I love this bright Springtime look!

    Sounds like the Spring really does make people go crazy there!

    xo Amy

  7. Wow. That dress is stunning on you. Love the florals. Yay spring!

  8. Eeeps, on the fire. Glad to know it ended well. I had the same thing for lunch today, by the way! ;) And... love the print on this dress + so perfect with the statement necklace! Gorgeous! xoxo

  9. I love this dress! It's the perfect floral dress! Great for a little spring inspiration!

    xo, Kenya

  10. Just super cool pics
    You done a great job

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  12. Looking beautiful in the sunshine!!

  13. You look fantastic in this dress! Love it.

  14. I am so jealous of your weather, and your microbrews at work! And, you look beautiful! I love this dress!


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