Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fear of the Unknown

Dress: c/o ModDeals ($8.50!); Necklace: c/o ModDeals; Heels: old, Franco Sarto (similar)

Up until one hour ago, I had never used (or turned on) an air conditioner. Growing up in the mountains in Hawaii negated the use for AC. We just opened the windows, let the forest breeze in, waited for an afternoon rain and by nightfall it was in the 50s. I remember laying around under friends' ceiling fans, and I am entirely sure some of them had AC, but I don't recall ever using it. We probably went to the beach or the pool when it got hot enough to need chilled air.

In college, we had heaters in the rooms and that was it. It was Tacoma, after all, and when it got hot in my dorm/house, I usually went outside until it cooled down. When Ben and I started renting an apartment, we experienced the no-airflow city apartment problem and bought spray bottles and misted our feet and legs with them. We even resorted to soaking our clothes in cold water and laying around underneath a blowing fan to cool off. No AC in our first apartment and no screens on the windows necessitated this more often than I'd like to admit.

Today, though, sitting in our third floor bedroom watching Adventure Time, I decided we were using so much electricity running all the fans and having cool showers, that we might as well just try the unit. No joke, we debated turning on our AC for about 10 minutes. Hemming and hawing. Asking ourselves if it was worth it. What weirdos. I think we were both afraid to turn it to "on." Hot feet and grumpy tempers finally turned the decision-tide and now we're sitting in the cool room thinking "what the heck have we been doing all this time?"

The cat? Not a fan. He's been hiding from the AC and jumping every single time it whirrs.


  1. You look so pretty and girly! Lovely dress :)

  2. I wait as long as humanly possible to put my AC unit in. I hate having my apartment all closed up!

  3. Andrew turned on the AC the MOMENT it hit 80 here and has kept it on 70 degrees since. I am dying.

  4. Gorgeous dress, love your aviators!

  5. gorgeous dress and sunnies! and omg i can't love w/o A/C, esp in these humid summers we get!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Haha, poor kitty. I love your dress, and you accessorized it perfectly! So classy.

  7. I have been wanting white sandals exactly like that! I feel like I would get so much wear out of them, and they are so gorgeous! Love how you paired them with a dark blue shirt dress.

  8. you look fantastic in blue! love the cute chevron look! great look!

  9. That dress is so pretty! I love the chevron print!

    Nicole to the Nines

  10. LOL I am glad you decided to turn the AC on .. it makes a world of difference!
    Love the dress on you. The blue really brings out the blue in your eyes! xo

  11. What a pretty dress - I love the color block and the pattern!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. I never knew people didn't have AC. I always assumed people had it. There's no way that I could live without it. It's way too humid here. It may be 90 outside but can feel like 95 or even over 100. I want to turn it colder than 70, but my husband would kill me because our electricity bill would sky rocket... so we run the ceiling fans and AC

  13. Haha wow, you held out w/o an AC for so long! Well done! Great dress and shoes! Looking great!
    -Alex of

  14. Gorgeous dress! Hope you are staying cool:)

    Heidi D.


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