Monday, August 17, 2015

Garden Picnic with IZZE


Ben and I love to picnic, but with his recent schedule (4 a.m.-8 p.m. on a surgery rotation), we have had about 0 seconds in the day to get outside and enjoy some time that's not dominated by surgery videos and giant GI study guides. This weekend, though, he was set free a few hours early on a beautiful summer Portland evening and we hustled to pack up a cooler full of snacks to enjoy in the pretty fading light.

We live right across from a sweet downtown park that's covered in blooming summer flowers and has a beautiful view of the river. It's so pretty, but it's off the beaten path a bit and so it never gets as much foot traffic as our other downtown parks. We can usually enjoy a peaceful and uninhabited space to picnic. 

This weekend we packed up some sweet treats for our evening - assorted summer macarons from a local French bakery, Bartlett pears that just ripened that we picked out in Hood River, and the new IZZE sparkling waters! Ben and I are gigantic sparkling water fans (I think I've mentioned this on the blog before), as they are great ways to avoid having a cocktail or a beer. We often mix fruit juice with our plain sparkling water, so discovering the new line of an already favorite brand's fruit flavored sparkling water was awesome. It doesn't hurt that IZZE's sparkling water is also a diet-conscious drink (10 calories for 12 oz? I can do that!) and it's certified organic. We picked up their mandarin-lime, blackberry-pear, and raspberry-watermelon to enjoy during this super hot summer, and I've been drinking it up. 

I'm so grateful now for the few seconds that Ben has to spend with me where he's not surrounded by text books or actually at the hospital. Our one or so hour a day that we get to see each other is getting increasingly precious as the summer wanes on! I'm hoping for some more accidentally early days so that we can soak up the last of this gorgeous sun for the season!

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  1. Stunning photos. And I hear you on the couple time. Even more special that you have a place where you can nibble on some treats. Especially in the summer time when it is high peak season, it is great you found a space where you can hide away from the busy life.


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