Friday, October 23, 2015

Tea Time

Yesterday, as I walked home at 4:30, the light was insanely beautiful. It was filtering through so many falling leaves on the waterfront that every step looked like a photograph. Bright green leaves turning to yellow and red were shimmering in front of the soon-to-be setting sun. A light breeze was picking up fallen leaves and nuts and tossing them about the sidewalk until they landed in big heaps. Squirrels furiously worked at collecting stores for winter and everyone out walking was wearing mid-season jackets that kept off the bit of afternoon chill. How wonderful fall is on a quiet afternoon. 

It also happens to be the perfect sort of afternoon that calls for a warm cup of tea. And, perhaps, a cup of warm tea from a local company that seems to understand the sort of tea-needing fall we have in Oregon. The founder of Plum Deluxe, a tea of the month club and organic loose-leaf tea shop that's based here in Oregon, recently sent me the perfect teas to try and I broke them out of their pretty little bag yesterday. There's something about a wonderful loose-leaf tea that blows those super market teas out of the water. First of all, even opening the bag I was greeted by a wonderful smell. The Portland Rose City Chai smelled just like what I imagine Portland to smell of - dried rose petals and warm spice. And then there's the brewing process - so much more intimate than those little stapled tea bags that clutter our office trash cans in the fall and winter (I'm guilty of excessive amounts of black peach tea during the cold months). And, of course, the rich taste that doesn't really compare to what you buy in a store. There are so many more flavors to pick up in this tea than in most of the others I regularly drink and it reminded me more of wine tasting - the mouthfeel, the layers of flavor, and the experience of tasting. I would highly recommend checking out this varietal from Plum Deluxe. It blew me away.

How do you celebrate the leafiest season?

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