Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

I was walking to work this morning lamenting my inability to get any photos taken due to the complete and total lack of sunshine or daylight here in Oregon this winter, when I realized I hadn't shared my Christmas tree hunt photos on the blog. And going through these photos was a good reminder that once there was sunshine here in the rainy state. Since this day (the day after Thanksgiving), we've basically been in a flood. Well, quite literally, some areas of Portland and along the coast have been washed nearly away by overflowing rivers, record amounts of rainfall, and the battering winds that came along with our series of storms. I'm thankful that my dictator-style day after Thanksgiving or NEVER approach to the Christmas tree hunt spared us trying to get a tree in the torrential rains. Even on this sunshiney day, Furrow Farm was covered in mud and completely destroyed our shoes.

Every year we go to Furrow Farm (well every PDX year we've gotten a tree, so three years so far) because it's really low key, really beautiful, and not too far from home. It's about a thirty minute drive from Portland and is out on Helvetia Road in Hillsboro, for those local readers. We love that there are no carnival-esque elements. It's a farm with trees, saws, and some helpful tree balers. There is the option to ride in a tractor to carry your tree back to the parking lot, but that's about as kitschy as it gets. 

We've been to Furrow in the fog, the cold, and the pouring, freezing rain, but we've never gone in the sunshine. It was beautiful to see the views of rolling hills and Christmas trees and farm animals this season. And we happened to get a gorgeous noble and decorated it that day, while eating gingerbread men and spending time with Ben's family. A success!

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