Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015: Year in Review

January 2015

We took a miserably wet trip to the coast
I opened my calligraphy Etsy shop!
We took our 6-year anniversary trip to Skamania Lodge (during which I had the flu)

February 2015

We explored the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge and apparently didn't do much else

March 2015

We hiked the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park
and then we hiked Tryon Creek State Park
We attended Toast Portland, a gigantic distillery tasting fest
We went to Hawaii for two weeks, got married and honeymooned!!! See more of our wedding: getting ready, ceremony, and reception; our week in Hawaii and our honeymoon, and more.

April 2015

I lopped off my long locks!
We couldn't get over Hawaii and shared a great Mai Tai recipe.
Ben's mom threw us a wedding reception in Eugene

May 2015

We threw our annual Kentucky Derby party
We picked the earliest strawberries ever at Kruger Farm

June 2015

I talked a bit about the second year of medical school
We turned our wedding photos into a great book by Artifact Uprising
We picked blueberries at Columbia Farms
I started a wine series

July 2015

We visited Bellingham, shared a Bellingham travel guide, and I officiated a friend's suprise wedding there
We picked a few peaches in Hood River

August 2015

We tried a new brewery!
I shared a million pictures of our kitten, Charlie
We made constant visits to Hood River and tasted cider, beer, and picked more fruit!

September 2015

We took a Portland -> Crater Lake -> Jacksonville -> Ashland -> The Redwoods -> Gold Beach -> Toledo -> Portland road trip

October 2015

Ben left for a rural rotation for 5 weeks to Eastern Oregon
We started drinking Negronis!
We picked pumpkins at Columbia Farms!

November 2015

Ben came home and we tried the Ribbon Ridge AVA
We updated our home decor and art

December 2015

We hiked Powell Butte in the freezing cold!
We picked out a Christmas tree
We split Christmas between Eugene and the Coast!

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