Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Coat: c/o Chicwish; Sweater: Gap (similar); Jeans: Gap (on sale); Heels: Michael Kors; Necklace: c/o Rocks Box

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In high school, I worked at a library shelving books and awkwardly dating (can you call it that when you're sixteen) the other library "helper." I remember that he used to leave chocolates in my purse and we'd laugh in the back room when shelving books. I also remember being too young to go on a real date with him, besides watching Over the Hedge and nervously thinking about kissing, and being way to nervous to spend much alone time with him that wasn't supervised by librarians. 

That short, innocent relationship, in the end, ranked lower in my life (sometimes I actually entirely forget it, his name, and that very hideous time-period in my acne + straight bangs facial period) than my same-time-period, same-library-centered Gilmore Girls bingeing. I remember checking out the DVD sets from the library (I had to waitlist those suckers) and watching them in mass-consumption style whilst crying and literally dreaming about Lorelai being my mom. When I finished the Gilmore Girls series, I sobbed for hours. Sitting at my kitchen table, I just cried into my potato chips. I think I broke up with my library-boyfriend without one tear by saying "we're not compatible" during our shift mid-summer. I had a much harder time saying goodbye to Lorelai and Rory (and Miss Patty and Dean and Paris and Luke and Jess and Stars Hollow and Mrs. Kim) than I did someone I was actually dating. 

So imagine my extreme joy when I discovered it was all on Netflix. If you have been living under a non-Gilmore Girls-introduced rock for the past few years, and didn't know this, I've got nothin' for you. If you have been aware, then I hope you're crying along with the rest of us reliving our teen-hood and relationships with our moms. I'm currently maybe 8 episodes into season one and spending a good amount of time crying over the period of my life (and Rory's, I suppose) that I spent living with my mom. Without further ado, it's on to episode 9.


  1. Your outfit is flawless. (:

  2. I am so excited that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix! I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to working my way through the seasons this fall/after the baby comes :) Also, that coat is amazing! I love how simple yet dramatic it is!

  3. Ah! I just bought that jacket and received it in the mail this week. I am so excited to wear it! Great blog!

    xx colleen

  4. Great outfit! The necklace really kicked it up a notch!


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